Project Description

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Service

How do we do PPC Advertising?

First, we find out the ins and outs of your company. We understand that just because you operate in a niche we have handled before does not mean you are exactly like every other company we have handled in the past in that niche. You are unique! Your business is unique! We learn about you – about who you are, what your business stands for, and what you provide – in order to create an online PPC ad platform that reflects the real, unique you!

We build your PPC ad campaign from the foundation up, doing custom, extensive keyword research using our state-of-the-art keyword tools, assessing the competition you are facing online, and researching the ad copy that will be unique to you in order to make sure it will work before we put it into action. We never use our campaign as a “test run” for you; we find out beforehand what will work, and then we launch toward the full effectiveness you expect from one such campaign!

With our data-driven strategies that are optimized for both short-term and long-term performance, we consistently outperform our competition.

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