The New Era of Self-Education

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My name is Sven Jarncrantz an I am soo excited to be part of the transformation into the new Era och Self-Education and I hope your are too.

I’m a senior manager successfully managing the implementation of new strategies and services, who has extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Business and Service Development, Start-Ups, Sales & Marketing and Operations Management.

I am an experienced CEO, Founder, Managing Director and leader of Recruitment and Talent Management companies with several years experience of internet based businesses taking their online presence to the next level. 

From the use of connected mobile devices to the proliferation of online learning programs, technology is bringing about a new era in education — one that challenges old assumptions about learning, such as that face-to-face is the best or only way to go, or that true learning takes a long time. To these and other such assumptions is coming evidence saying otherwise:
  • Learning through e-learning requires 40 to 60 per cent less time than learning that takes place in a “traditional” classroom. (Source: Brandon-Hall Group study)
  • E-learning retention rates are between 25 and 60 per cent, while face-to-face learning results in retention rates of only eight to 10 per cent. (Source: Research Institute of America)
One of the more rapidly growing trends at all levels of education is the use of tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices. And yet, until recently, mobile devices were being used almost exclusively as substitutes for books and handouts and pen and paper. However, these technologies are of late being used to transform how instruction and learning actually takes place.
Through the use of mobile devices, teachers are swapping out old models of standardized learning-by-memory for dynamic, personalized, and self-directed learning experiences for students. Students today are not only comfortable around technology, but in fact respond very favourably to it. They are not confined to traditional learning environments, but are learning — or open to learning — any time, from anywhere, on any device.
Education should now cover this base and others, including: increasing the potential for learning and teaching through collaboration with peers and experts, regardless of location; updating workspaces to increase productivity; and providing unlimited access to educational resources, regardless of location or device.
The new era of self-education is based on an article published March 21st, 2019 by Glenn Weir @itworldca