The Content Recycling Method

Discover How to Get Free Traffic And Easy Sales Without Working More Hours Using Our Proven ‘Content Recycling’ Method!

The Little-Known Method Insiders Are Using to Get Free Traffic And Sales For Their Business Online Without Paying For Expensive SEO Services

Paul Clifford here.

Before I share with you exactly how I’m getting a ton of free traffic and sales, I just wanted to give you a quick back story so that you would know why you should listen to me.

I’m the author of “Content Marketing for Dummies” and I specialize helping entrepreneurs get free traffic using our little known, yet PROVEN method.

Free Traffic? Working Less?

Come on Paul, you must be pulling my leg…

NOPE! And I’ll Prove It…

My methods work for agencies, bloggers and podcasters.

They’ve worked for video marketers and content marketers, too.

Even coaches, consultants, freelancers & small businesses have seen success with my methods.

Practically anyone  looking to startup online.

It’s also perfect if you offer any kind of service to others, because it’s easy to implement and especially easy for your clients to work with, too.

What I’m referencing is a little known methodology called Content Recycling.

I’ll tell you exactly what Content Recycling in a second (or click over to the next page below), but just take a look at all the different ways you can use it.

This works for those:

– Looking to increased Traffic

– Wanting to offer all modalities to increase reach

– Trying to get more SEO traffic to your videos

– Looking to getting more downloads to your podcasts.

This also works:

– To get more conversions on your webinar.

– To get more eyeballs on your courses.

– To get increase the effectiveness of your coaching or mentoring programs.

– To get your clients more responsive to your business to your services.

There’s a 101 different ways that Content Recycling can be used.


If you are an agency, blogger, podcaster, video marketer, content marketer, coach, consultant, freelancer, small business, or looking to startup online…

This is for YOU!

We’re hosting a free class this week where I’m going to show you my exact strategy in full.  

I highly encourage you to join, if you’re looking to discover a completely new twist on a strategy that’s getting incredible results for anyone interested in growing their traffic, leads and engagement. 

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